the fastest way of delivery to Russia from USA, Europe and China?

All just! Of course,
through our warehouses in
USA, Europe and China!

Why Velor Express?

What is the shipping cost?

today a lot of compatriots were convinced that, ordering goods from abroad, it turns out to save money.

Cheap shipping from. for example, Europe to Russia allows you to get goods at lower prices than you can find in the stores of our country.

believe Me, our customers can not imagine their lives without quality products at the lowest prices!

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How it works?

After registration, you get a personal address in USA, Europe and China.

  • The rest is very simple:
  • Specify the address when ordering in the online shop;
  • you will receive an email when the parcel arrives at the warehouse;
  • after checking the contents of the order (optional), selecting the delivery method and paying the invoice, the goods are sent to you at the specified address.
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