our advantages
as statistics show, prices for similar products in our country and in Western countries are very different, sometimes 20, 50 or even 70% of their real value!
unfortunately, buying directly from foreign online stores is not always possible for many consumers. Most retailers in the US is not osushestvit delivery in our country, the same that provide a similar service, are just Grand for the carriage.
the Output: pick-up from Velor Express
believe Me, our customers can not imagine their lives without quality products at the lowest prices!
Ability to buy in foreign stores without registration
Buying in us stores, you get a guarantee for branded, original products.
Rational bargain
Study the range, compare and choose the best. Buy much cheaper than in local stores.
Quality goods
If you wish, you can surcharge to order the test load. If the product does not meet the stated characteristics and configuration, we will send it back to the seller (your money will be returned to your account, minus transportation costs).
time Saving
You can instruct the search of goods to our Manager
we can help you save even more:
  • due to consolidation of several parcels (your goods from different stores will be Packed in one parcel);
  • with coupons and promo codes.< / li>< / ul>
Low rates
in Velor Express-one of the lowest tariff rates in Russia from $4.5 for delivery of 1 kg of cargo and free shipping in Ukraine. As well as the best rates for the delivery of commercial batches of goods and electronics!
Security and authenticity of the goods
Buying in us stores, you get a guarantee for branded, original products. We work with reliable suppliers — before ordering, each store is checked. If the seller is in doubt, we cancel the transaction.
Fast delivery
We make every effort to invest in the minimum delivery time. The delivery method is chosen according to your wishes (learn more about our tariff packages). Delivery from a warehouse from the USA to Russia in just 7 days!
cargo Safety
We are responsible for the safety and delivery of each shipment. Exceptions are only force majeure (e.g. accident). In order to protect the cargo as much as possible (first of all, from unforeseen situations), we make parcel insurance.